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Is It Wise to Leave Our Homes Unlocked at Night or When We’re Away? Print E-mail
by James Reza    Sat, May 18, 2013, 07:45 am

The headline I posted on my piece is sort of stupid isn’t it?  Of course, we all (I hope) indeed need to secure our homes at night or when we are away.  And that goes for our cars and our garages, where most homeowners and renters store their garden tools, yard equipment and other essential tools (auto repair tools, table saws, routers, etc.) to fix or repair our autos and home.  However, even when we secure our property people often fall victims to a burglary, which is indeed unfortunate.  I once left my garage door unlocked and fell victim to a burglary.  Folks, those sorry thieves took many of my valuable wood working tools.  Luckily, and here’s a word to the wise, I had the receipts for all the tools that were stolen in my house safe and my insurance luckily covered my loss.  However, I had to pony up a deductible of 200 dollars that I could have put to better use than fallen victim to a burglary had I locked my garage door.

“Well, what are you up to now James?” some might ask.  Well my dear conservative friends I have to chuckle at the new attempt to offer amnesty to millions (11 plus) of illegal immigrants and am sadden that Republicans are joining the bandwagon because they think that siding with Democrats to allow illegal immigrants to a free and easy pass to U.S. citizenship they will be liked by Hispanics and hopefully get more Hispanic votes.  Man, these guys (Republicans) just don’t get it don’t they?  My, how quick they have forgotten that President Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to over 6 millions illegals back in the 80s and they still don’t vote in large numbers for Republicans.  Nor will they ever, due that Democrats give those of all stripes who vote for them lots of government freebees such as welfare, rental assistance, now telephones and Lord knows what else all funded by us the hardworking American workers and businessmen who daily bust our rear ends to provide for our families and the lazy Americans and an untold number of illegals on welfare.  Let’s be honest, government handouts keep many living off the government dole voting for Democrats.  My friends that is the gospel truth!  Sadly, those individuals on the government dole will almost always be poor and never reach their full potential to enjoy the fruits of earning a good living and reaping the benefits of being self-reliant on their God given talents.  Many will never experience the joy of buying and owning their own home, nice autos and fine clothes for themselves and their loved ones.

Just recently the citizens of Boston went through a traumatic experience when two supposedly innocent good looking recent Muslim immigrants from the Russian region of Dagestan, detonated 2 homemade bombs at the Boston Marathon where several were killed and many innocent people were maimed for life.  After one of the terrorists was killed the mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, of the two terrorists Tamerlan (who was killed) and Dzhokhar blamed the United States for the hatred her sons had for our country.  My God, if the sons of this woman hated the U.S. why in the world didn’t they go back to be with her and their dad?  She also stated that she thought America would protect her sons and it would be a safe place for them.  However, she never mention that she went back to her country because she was facing shoplifting chargers against her dating 2012.  This Muslim woman reminds me so much of so many illegal immigrants who come here, commit crimes of every imaginable offenses and quickly go back to Mexico or elsewhere to evade prosecution for their crimes.  Most American criminals don’t have that privilege illegal alien criminals have.  They have to own up to their crimes by having to go to jail.  And yes, over 27% of criminals in jail are illegal immigrants.  But one has to wonder how many are walking around scot-free in their country for crimes they’ve committed here.

When President Reagan gave amnesty to 6 million plus illegal immigrants he did it because there was a part of the new immigration law (Simpson-Mazzoli) that would punish those who hired illegal immigrants with a stiff fine.  Sadly, that part of the immigration law has never been implemented and so the flow of illegal immigrants continued as before. Now, 20 plus years later we have another 11 million undocumented illegals and again they are writing up laws to allow them to stay here and supposedly our politicians are going to make a new immigration law so tough that immigrants will not want to come here anymore if they pass this immigration law now in the works in Washington.  Tell me, my fellow Americans do any of you believe this political BS?  “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”, is our answer don’t ya’ll agree?

My friends, until they secure our borders I have no desire for amnesty for illegal immigrants from wherever they come from.  If others want to come to our country let them do it the correct way as have many other immigrants done and are doing.  Don’t break our U.S. immigration laws and expect me or any other law abiding American to support this immigration amnesty nonsense!  Some time ago they released thousands of illegal immigrants because supposedly they didn’t pose a threat to Americans.  Well, it was discovered that many of these so-called innocent illegal immigrants who were released many had outstanding warrants for criminal activities and others had been in jail before for various crimes.  Are these the types of people we want here my fellow Americans?  My God, we have lots of our own criminals born and raised here and now our politicians are ready to allow more criminals from other countries come here from wherever just so Hispanics will like them and vote for them.  The stupid ness of this whole immigration amnesty mess is that Hispanics have a poor showing at the voting polls.  The real reason amnesty is raising its ugly head again is became American businesses need this cheap labor that our own Americans will not do because many are on welfare and don’t want to work!

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written by Kevin Wright , September 12, 2014

After Reading blog know about his person its very intresting about business.

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