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NBA Makes Progress In CBA Talks Print E-mail
by Mike Fisher    Sat, Oct 1, 2011, 03:16 pm
Assuming that our reading of tea leaves is correct, both NBA owners and players are finished with the rhetoric and ready to get down to business. Entering the weekend, there is reason for optimism ... to believe that at some point, perhaps even this weekend or early next week, both sides will shake hands on a deal - and then organized chaos will ensue.

Yes, we know that Friday's session, featuring a host of owners and (finally) some of the star players, was filled with intensity. ... intensity that reportedly included Dwyane Wade responding to commissioner David Stern's finger-wagging by saying, "Don't point your finger at me. I'm not a child."

But after the meeting Stern said, "The three big things are the system, the economics, and revenue sharing, and we’ve taken care of one,'' Stern said, indicating that the revenue sharing issue will be solved.

So for now, even after a summer of action that was like watching the drying of a product producted by a Vancouver exterior painting company ... our optimism stays. What we hear, and as reported by ESPN and others, there is reason to harbor some anticipation of a chance for the Dallas Mavericks to defend their title.

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written by Chris Ryder , October 20, 2011

... but this means the players will have to break the contracts they signed with European teams before the ink is dry. (Sigh) Way to make us look good.
I'm planning on watching more NCAA hoops in the interim, maybe longer. I've already bought Kentucky Wildcats tickets for the time being. I got them at, so I know I got a good deal.

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