Business Executive Vows to Lose Weight and Run Mile in
by Sharon Adams    Wed, Nov 29, 2006, 04:54 PM

Business Executive Vows to Lose Weight and Run Mile in 6.5 minutes for a Good Cause

or Why Don Kelly’s golfing buddies at Gleneagles Country Club signed up to bet against him and support a good cause at the same time

Don Kelly is a charitable gentleman, a dad whose son is getting married soon and a guy who, frankly, needs to lose some weight. So, when his golfing buddies challenged him to get in good enough shape to run a mile in 6.5 minutes by December 2nd, he made their challenge even sweeter by convincing them to put down their own money and offered to match the funds, all to benefit charity.

“I am somewhat overwhelmed by all of this,” Kelly said. This bet made by two friends has turned into an event supported by over 100 golfers and friends. There is even a poster of him in the bar and a sign up sheet. And they’re all betting against him.

So far, over $8,000 has been pledged, which Kelly will match, equaling at least $16,000 to be donated to Special Care & Career Services, a non profit organization they all support.

Kelly is 6’ 2” and weighs about 265 pounds. His goal is to reach 225 pounds.

“I’m happy at that weight and have already lost 20 pounds in three and a half weeks,” he replied. “I’ll give it my best shot.” But losing weight isn’t the bet. It’s running the mile in 6.5 minutes and he doesn’t know how that will turn out.

Mickey Wszolek, general manager of Gleneagles Country Club, along with the golf director, have not only pledged their personal funds, but have committed the club to the cause. A portion of one of the club’s golf courses will be shut down on the afternoon of Saturday, December 2nd.

The crowd will gather around 3:00 and Don will take to the path that runs from hole numbers 12, 2, 17 and 18. “Oh, they’ll all be there in their golf carts,” he replied. “These guys have all stepped up to the plate. It’s just wonderful.”

“This is an incredibly fun and creative spin on fundraising,” said Cathy Packard, executive director, Special Care & Career Services. “Although it’s not at all surprising that the instigators are our Board members, Geoff Miller and Chris Griffith. They sent a joint letter to Don for our Friends and Family Fundraising campaign that inspired his turning losing weight into an event and they’ve raised about $16,000 and the pot continues to grow. All of SCCS has gotten hooked on tracking this event, it’s brightened up our Board meetings and our staff has entered into the game with their contributions! We especially offer our heartfelt thanks to Don Kelly, his friends and everyone who has pledged to contribute and look forward to seeing everyone on December 2nd!”

For more information on this fun event, please contact Susan Spradlin, Development Director at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and 972-991-6777 ext. 121.

About Special Care & Career Services:

Special Care & Career Services has always been on the forefront in developing programs that promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of the community – where we live, work & play.
Since 1963 Special Care & Career Services has assisted thousands of children and adults with developmental disabilities lead independent lives. In 2006, the organization's two exemplary programs impacted more than 1200 individuals with disabilities: Early Childhood Intervention and Supported Employment Services.

Special Care & Career Services mission is providing services to children and adults with developmental disabilities so they can lead fulfilling lives in their communities. To that end they provide education, therapy and training to help their clients reach their full potential. Chartered in 1963, the services include Early Childhood Intervention for children birth to 3 years old and Supported Employment Services for adults. Both are regarded as model programs by the community. The ECI program is recognized as a “Best Practices” study site by the Early Childhood Intervention Services Division of the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services. 
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