Avery is One Focused Coach
by Norm Hitzges    Wed, Jan 18, 2006, 10:52 PM

If you read this blog regularly, you must know that I’m a real fan of Avery Johnson. I like the way he handles himself on and off the court. He is a man of great integrity. But more important than that to the Dallas Maverick fan, he is completely focused on bringing a championship to Dallas.

We are fortunate to talk to Avery on the air every Wednesday. Avery is a very easy interview for me. He is always honest and forthcoming.

Today, on the show, two of his answers really show what Avery is all about:

I pointed out that the Mavs are on pace to win 57+ games. I went on to say that 57 wins means that you’ve got a very good basketball team. His response just confirms everything I’ve thought about Avery:

It probably is a good basketball team but we are trying to get the basketball team to function as a championship caliber team. We've seen good before. We've set our goals a little higher. And sometimes when you set your goals a little higher the criticism when you lose is greater. But that's what we want now and that's the direction we are moving in.

His success as Mavs Coach will be measured by Championships not regular season wins and he knows it..

I asked him if he cared if he coached the All-Star team?

NO...You know what my goal here is Norm? I'd love to be the Coach of the Month in May and June...If I get voted the Coach of the Month in May and June then something special has happened.

What a great answer…Avery is well aware that this is a good team. He knows that it’s his job to take this team to the next level. And every move he makes is an attempt to move the Mavs closer to a title. He will not be satisfied with anything less.
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