Henson's European Vacation--Or Is It?
by Norm Hitzges    Tue, Jan 17, 2006, 02:19 PM

The Cowboys have announced that they will be sending their #3 QB, Drew Henson, to Europe for the summer.

I just have one question about this. Why not Tony Romo?

Who is the Cowboys backup QB? It’s Tony Romo. The Cowboys signaled that during the season. It’s Tony Romo.

When I asked Jerry Jones last week if the Cowboys intended on signing a veteran QB to backup Drew Bledsoe, he said no. The Cowboys have their backup. It’s Tony Romo.

I don’t understand why the Cowboys don’t want to send Tony Romo to Europe for some experience. Tony Romo’s total game experience in his 3 year NFL career came this year. The Cowboys were blowing out the Eagles and Romo came in to take a knee on the final two plays of the game.

IF Romo is the man that a heartbeat away from taking the helm for the Cowboys, why not get him some valuable experience in Europe. It has been 3 years since Romo has played in a game of meaning at all. It’s hard for me to believe that, without that experience, Romo will be even close to consistent if he had to step in for Bledsoe.

What are the possible reasons that the Cowboys chose to send Henson to Europe rather than Romo?

1) Fear of injury—The logic is: being the Cowboys #2 QB, you may not want to expose Romo to unnecessary injury. This reason does not hold water for me. As far as I’m concerned the benefit of game action far outweighs the risk of injury.

2) Henson fits into the Cowboys plans for the future more than Romo—Once again, I’m not at all going to buy into this reason. Parcells has made it very clear: he thinks more of Romo than he does of Henson

3) Romo needs to stay in Dallas and work with his teammates—I think that is a plausible reason…and the most logical…As the #2 QB Romo could benefit from working with the regulars during the off-season…But I still think getting him some game experience is more important.

4) The Cowboys are trying to showcase Henson for a possible trade—This is the only reason that I can really support. If Henson goes to Europe and performs well, the Cowboys may be able to get something for him.

Whatever the reasons are, I am definitely going to watch NFL Europe games much closer this year than in year’s past.

Whatever the reason, I do look forward to seeing how Henson performs in Europe.

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