Jack Abramoff: The Bad Guy of the Year Award by Tom Pauken
by Special to DallasBlog.com    Sun, Jan 1, 2006, 05:34 PM

Jack Abramoff
Indicted Washington lobbyist Jack Abromoff symbolizes the worst of what our nation's capitol, Washington, D.C., has become.  In the words of Andrew Stephen of the New Statesman, "the U.S.  capitol is swarming with lobbyists who are paid absurd sums to do shady deals with elected politicians." Abramoff and his associates reportedly pocketed $82.5 million in lobbying fees from Indian tribes to influence casino gambling decisions by the federal, as well as state governments, and that's just the take from one category of Abramoff's clients. 

By the time the investigations into the activities of Abramoff and his associates are completed, it is anticipated that a slew of prominent Republicans as well as some Democrats will be implicated in what former Sen. Alan Simpson calls the worst scandal since the Abscam FBI sting. Good riddance to a bunch of corrupt lobbyists and politicians for whom money and power replaced any committment to principles and ethical behavior.

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