Dallas-Fort Worth is The Wireless Metroplex: “The Wireless Capital of the World” by Roman Kikta
by Roman Kikta    Mon, Dec 5, 2005, 01:05 am

While California ’s Silicon Valley has a well earned reputation as the global leader in innovation and as the entrepreneurial center of the world, I want to point out that our Metroplex is undeniably the leading center in the world for wireless.  It offers the single highest concentration of the worlds leading wireless technology companies. These companies transcend the wireless spectrum, from handsets & devices to infrastructure, to semiconductors, components, software and services. These include world giants: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Alcatel, Siemens, Ericsson, NEC, Fujitsu , Texas Instruments and hundreds of emerging others, including Richardson based Sychip, Inner Wireless and Globe Ranger, who are the promising leaders of tomorrow in components, in-building systems and RFID respectively.

Within the boundaries of our Wireless Metroplex reside twice the wireless companies and people employed than are in San Diego , the nation’s second largest concentration. While the city of Austin, TX may have proclaimed itself the “Austin Wireless Capital of the World”, it is nothing more than a “marketing slogan” created by the Austin Camber of Commerce.  Our Wireless Metroplex is the wireless equivalent of Silicon Valley!  With top talent, its share of seasoned entrepreneurs, a strong and active venture capital community, corporate research labs and outstanding universities, we are well positioned as the leading center of wireless technological innovation. Coupled with an outstanding infrastructure, a great central location in the US and North America with most major cities in the U.S. a mere 3 hour flight plus non-stop connectivity to Asia, Europe and South America, the Metroplex offers more than any other region. 

We all know that the Metroplex is the true “Wireless Capital of the World”.  As such I urge the Metroplex Technology Business Council and the various local cambers of commerce to band together to promote and make sure the rest of the world takes notice of the innovation we are creating in our region.

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