Something Better Than Dancing Tastebuds
by Sandra Lewis    Thu, Nov 17, 2005, 08:49 AM

I wrote the blog entry about Sunday dinner thinking I would strike a cord with readers about how our taste buds should do a jig when we enjoy good food.

The note that seemed to resonate with most readers was of times gone by when we enjoyed a home-cooked meal or two during the week with our families, for most of us it was every day.

The enjoyment of those meals was as much about the food as it was the time we spent with the people that mattered most to us.

Today we accommodate our busy lives by eating out, eating on the run, or, eating at different times. Chowing down in a crowded, noisy restaurant, or consuming a burger in the car, or munching on food out of the same container but at different times during the evening just doesn’t count especially when you have kids.

Simply, I think we’re missing out.

Sharing a meal together is as much about nourishment for the soul as it is for the body; it’s a time to retreat from the craziness of our lives and to connect with others.

And there’s no better place for soul food than our homes.

During my girls’ growing up years meal time was sacred to me. There was no TV, no radio, and no telephone interruptions allowed. For the most part I cooked – nothing elaborate. Sometimes we ordered Chinese, sometimes pizza.

But we ate together at the dining room table and we talked; mostly they talked and I listened. We laughed a lot – I always asked for a funny story from their day. And sometimes we talked through some pretty difficult issues.

This is how I grew to know them and understand them.

Realistically it’s not possible to share a meal with them every day anymore; but I make sharing a meal with them and my friends a priority.  It's about connecting.

So I like it when my taste buds dance, but I like it better when my heart sings.

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