Sometimes It All Comes Down to Four Minutes
by Norm Hitzges    Tue, Nov 15, 2005, 01:27 PM

In the off season players work like crazy…Management is out there trying to assemble a roster of players that will succeed.

Then you go to camp and you work and you work and you work to ensure that success.

Then, it all comes down to 4 minutes…That’s what happened last night. For 56 minutes the Cowboys got their butt kicked blue. The offense couldn’t run the ball and the defense couldn’t stop the run. And quite honestly, the only reason the Cowboys were still in the game with 4 minutes to go was that the Eagles receivers dropped more passes that I can ever remember receivers dropping in a game.

Then, all of the sudden, the Cowboys score a TD to get to within 6 points…Then an incredible turnover put the Cowboys ahead by a point. Then, the Eagles screw up royally by not using a timeout to save precious seconds at the end of the game. The Cowboys win a game in 4 minutes.

In 4 minutes last night, two seasons crossed…The Cowboys are headed up. The Eagles are headed down. All of that work in the off season…All of the work at training camp…All of the weight training…All of the running…All of the classroom preparation…It all came down to 4 minutes last night and the Cowboys came out on top. And the Eagles are left trying to regroup.
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