by Scott Bennett    Sun, Oct 23, 2005, 11:40 PM

Dallas DA Bill Hill
Dallas County District Attorney Bill Hill has launched a Web site entitled reasonably enough www.dallasda.com.  The site appears to be a work in progress as several of the links lead to very little.  Hill's welcome says he wants to better inform the public about what his office does and how they do it.  If you have ever wondered exactly what a Grand Jury does and where it comes from dallasda.com's information section will fill you in.

The most interesting, maybe even odd, section of the site is to be found under "media."  Hill says that the Dallas DA has tried a lot of interesting cases over the years and continues to do so.  He notes that the Court Rooms are open to the public and that the public is welcome.  He even urges schools to bring students on down.  Then he provides guidance to interesting cases they might like to observe.

The current case is a murder case that was scheduled for October 11th so the DA may want to keep the site more current.  But what is really late is the trial; the alleged offense occurred four years ago.  Still, the DA's picks for "interesting cases" should be, well, interesting.

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