by Scott Bennett    Sat, Oct 22, 2005, 11:24 PM

Flu virus
A lot of people visit Dallas County's excellent Web site www.dallascounty.org.  Most are trying to pay something and avoid a trip downtown, expensive parking and a long line.  Few visit the portion of the Web site that deals with public health.  In fact, few county residents probably realize that the County has responsibility for public health.  Given that these folks are responsible for the response to a bio-terrorist attack or an outbreak of a killer flu virus it would probably be better to pay some attention.

The Dallas Health and Human Services organization produces something worth reading:  a monthly newsletter available on-line that provides a lot of very valuable information for keeping a family healthy.  This month's issue is particularly useful in that it provides detailed information on this year's flu problems and a Q&A on the Avian flu. 

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