Hillary Clinton Sees Only White People at Campaign Kickoff
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Jun 14, 2015, 12:27 am

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched her campaign for the White House by giving a speech to a 'Sea of Rich White People' at a park in New York City, just a few blocks away from Wall Street, the headquarters location for Big Banks and the New York Stock Exchange. Despite receiving plenty of funding from Wall Street bankers, she promised to kick her donors out of the country.

Hillary Clinton spoke about her so-called national security credentials, but failed to mention her responsibility for the Benghazi fiasco in which four innocent Americans were killed by radical Islamist terrorists in Libya, while she forbade the US military to send its troops from Africom to rescue them.  

At Hillary Clinton's kickoff speech, eyewitness observers could not find any African-American voters in attendance. Hillary surrounded herself by rich white people after sending buses to transport members of the Wall Street business community to her camapaign event. Nevertheless she still pledged to exterminate free market principles on Main Street.

Hillary's campaign has sputtered in recent months. She faces scandals over mega bucks donations to the Clinton Foundation, which is allegedly a money laundering scheme to make the Clinton family super rich. Hillary currently resides in a huge mansion in New York State in a neighborhood that is home to some of the wealthiest people in the world.

Nonetheless, Hillary pledges to overlook her own greed while blasting the greed of her donors.

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written by Indie who was there , June 14, 2015

What a load of BS. I was at the rally, it was so diverse I almost thought it was planned. There were TONS of African Americans families, with children in tow. You need to check your sources, seriously.

written by Albert Hall , September 03, 2015

why would anybody give a damn what a texan, living in China, son of a GOP politician thinks about what Hilary Clinton says at a rally he didn't go to?

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