Hillary Clinton Fundraising Crashes, 'Scooby Buses' for Top Staff
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Jun 9, 2015, 06:59 pm

$ 1AAAbbbccbumpodesta.jpgHillary Clinton's fundraising figures appear to be crashing. She has ordered her top campaign officials to stop flying planes and to take Greyhound 'Scooby Buses' when travelling to other states.

Apparently, Hillary's campaign manager John Podesta appears to be working on minimum wage. Anne Gearan, a reporter for the Washington Post spotted him on a street corner in New York City looking like a bum, carrying a duffel bag of dirty laundry. 

When John Podesta worked for the multi billion dollar Clinton Foundation, he was living the life of luxury, but due to Hillary Clinton's dismal campaign performance, he's now relegated to sitting in the back of 'Scooby Buses' conversing with tramps and scavengers to convince those voters to get 'Ready for Hillary.'

Nevertheless, John Podesta is taking pride in his sudden financial demise by claiming he prefers to live like an "ascetic" monk, who opposses all Roman Catholic social values, nonetheless. 

Of course, Hillary Clinton has exempted herself from campaign spending cuts, as she pimped her 'Scooby Van' with a big screen TV, movable bar to supply her with endless rounds of cocktails and Laz-y-boy leather cushioned recliners all built-in for her 'Royal Highness' comfort as she launched her 'Meet the Peasants' listening tour.

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