Top 10 Daily Business China News Alerts 04/21/2015
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Apr 20, 2015, 08:32 pm

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1.        ‘Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China’ Trophies Reveal Game Details; Playthrough Of the First For The Trilogy Coming


This week, “Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China” is set to be released in North America on April 21, and in Australia and the rest of Europe on April 22. But ahead of the release dates, a list of trophies have been furnished over at PlayStation Trophies.  There is a total of 18 trophies listed for “Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China.” Most notably, there’s one person who’s been identified on the player’s assassination list which is Gao Feng. Some of the moves and kills have also been revealed, such as using the Helix Kill to eliminate 100 enemies, Slide assassinating 25 enemies and even doing Shadow Golds on patrols.



2.       China’s new silk road: What’s in it for Pakistan?


During his visit to Pakistan, China’s president will discuss a raft of energy and infrastructure deals as part of wider ambitions to open new trade and transport routes across Asia.  Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Pakistan had already generated a sense of nervous anticipation. Originally expected to come in September last year, Xi’s visit was postponed in the wake of prolonged anti-government protests in Islamabad, with the government not want anything untoward happening this time round. 

1.       What Will China Look Like Under the New Normal?


“New Normal” is a phrase that has been frequently used by the current government in the last two years to describe the current state of the Chinese economy. However, what is “New Normal” and what would it mean to various aspects of Chinese society, such as economic growth, economic structure and government policies? To answer these questions, we probably need to define what is “New Normal” first, and to define “New Normal”, it is best to look at the period before that, i.e., the Chinese economy’s take-off after the economic reforms were started in 1978. Indeed, similar economic take-offs have been happened in quite a few East Asian countries: Japan during 1950-80, and Korea/Taiwan/Singapore/HK between 1960 and 1990. For convenience of comparison, we take the period of 1980-2010 as the take-off period for China, and based on other Asian countries’ experience after their respective take-off periods, we could get some idea about what China’s “New Normal” will look like.



2.       Will the U.S. say yes to a 'Made in China' car?


Shanghai, China (CNN)Volvo says it will begin exporting vehicles made in a factory in southwest China to the United States next month, the first time Chinese-built passenger cars will roll into American showrooms. Parent company Geely Automobile, which bought Volvo in 2010, is seeking to prove that a Chinese company can manage a global auto brand. 



3.       China slowdown to push steel demand growth down in 2015


LONDON: Global steel use should grow at a slightly slower pace this year than last because of China's slow down, although elsewhere steel use is mostly improving and 2016 prospects look brighter, the World Steel Association said on Monday.   "We hear increasingly positive use from developed economies, especially ... the euro zone. In the developing world we see increased optimism about India and growth in the MENA and ASEAN countries," said Hans Jurgen Kerkhoff, chairman of the group's Economics Committee. 



4.       China High-Yield Debt Investing: An Overlooked Opportunity


Rules making it tough for dollar-based investors to participate in China's huge $2.5 trillion high-yield debt market are being gradually liberalized. This will set the scene for a large shift in allocation by global institutional investors, out of Chinese domestic equities and into Chinese fixed-income and other debt instruments. This is the core conclusion of a special research report published by China First Capital titled, "China Debt Investing: An Overlooked Opportunity". You can download a copy by clicking here.  This report examines some of the unique attributes of China debt investing, especially its fast-growing high-yield "non bank" shadow banking sector. Do the high yields adequately price in risk? Is this an investment class international investors should consider? Can the regulatory Great Wall be scaled to get dollars legally in and out for lending in China? 



5.       Cirque du Soleil sells stakes to TPG, China's Fosun


It's the end of an era for Cirque du Soleil.  On Monday, the Montreal company known for its colorful acrobatics and gravity-defying stunts announced that it is selling a majority stake to global private equity firm TPG in what Cirque said is a bid to fuel growth and expand its markets. 



6.      Kabam pivots toward China with hopes of a $1 billion game 


Kabam has shed around 25 staffers as it pivots toward the Chinese market. The company's COO Kent Wakeford put it to Re/code like this: "we’re really going all in in China."  "The opportunity to create a $1 billion annual mobile game franchise is real," CEO Kevin Chou writes in a blog post discussing the company's restructuring plans. 



7.       Foreign Seed Producers to Be Saddled with Tough Regulations in China 


Chinese lawmakers are looking at limiting foreign access to the country's seed production industry.  The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress is now considering an amendment to make seed production part of the national security lexicon. If passed, this would require seed producers or research firms with any foreign investment undergo new security assessments. 



8.       No Models, But Miss Etiquettes at Shanghai Auto Show 


The biennial Shanghai Auto Show kicked off today, attracting nearly 2000 manufacturers from 18 countries and regions from around the world. The auto show covers an area of 350-thousand square meters.  One of the most talked about features this year is that there will be no models at the event. The event's organizing committee announced the changes in February with the aim of ensuring that visitors will be able to focus more on the cars which are the real stars of the show. 

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