Lindsey Graham Defines Conservative Values as 'Corporate Welfare'
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Apr 12, 2015, 10:35 pm

$ 1AAabbcaham.jpgSen. Lindsey Graham (R.-S.C.) is flailing in rage over some Republicans who oppose American taxpayer funding of the Export Import Bank, which only permits Big Business corporations to register on its charter.

The Daily Caller reports that, "Sen. Lindsey Graham said Republicans should not let ideological idealism divert them from the primary goal of job creation while advocating for the Export-Import Bank Thursday."

Graham is quoted as saying that, "If you want to defund this bank and allow China and Europe to have an economic advantage over people in the United States, then I think you’ve lost your way as a conservative.”

According to the Daily Caller, "Ex-Im, which provides financing and loan guarantees for American exporters, has been a divisive issue for the GOP since last summer. A number of prominent Republicans, including Reps. Paul Ryan and Jeb Hensarling, attempted to prevent Congress from extending its charter, calling the bank an example of “corporate welfare.”

Many Conservatives oppose a charter for the Ex Im bank, including the Heritage Foundation, Club fir Growth and Freedom Partners.

To read the entire article from the Daily Caller, link here:

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