Green Energy Crashes Power Grid in Georgia Republic
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Nov 24, 2014, 01:19 am

$ 1Abilisigeorgia.jpgThe nation of the Georgia Republic plunged into 3 hours of darkness after it's entire power grid attempted to switch to alternative energy sources. 

Trend AZ reports that, "The whole Georgia was de-energized during three hours on Nov.24, the Georgian State Electric System told Trend. The cause of a large-scale accident at the power grid was an emergency stop of Gardabani power plant."

The Georgia Republic recently signed major electricity deals with U.S.-backed companies that generate Green Energy. 

According to Trend Az, "As a result, the entire eastern Georgia, including Tbilisi, as well as some areas of western Georgia, was left without electricity. The experts are working on determining the reasons for the power plant's shutdown. In the meantime, the country is being supplied with alternative source of electricity."

No word yet on when the power grid can restore electricity for Georgia Republic residents nationwide.

To read the entire article from Trends AZ, link here:

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