Obama Brings 'Special Mirrors' on All Presidential Trips
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Nov 11, 2014, 09:03 pm

$ 1Abamamirror.jpgWhenever President Barry Obama, narcissist-in-chief, travels outside the White House, he demands that Secret Service bring along 'special mirrors,' so that he can take a good look at himself constantly. 

According to the New Zealand Herald, "US President Barack Obama will be spending the G20 summit in Brisbane in a luxury suite that costs NZ$2782 a night, while his host, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, will be bunking down in a relatively cheap $344-a-night hotel room."

Obama believes that his 'special mirrors' must be handled with care by Secret Service agents. 

As reported by the New Zealand, "Ahead of his visit, US security officials stripped down an entire floor surrounding the presidential suite to ensure Mr Obama was not being spied on. Mirrors and beds were removed from these rooms, and the suite itself was combed and verified as being safe for the president to engage in private phone calls."

'Special mirrors' help to remind Obama that he is allegedly "hip and cool."

To read the entire article from the New Zealand Herald, link here:

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