Chinese Scientists Testing Cancer-Zapping Virus Drug
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Oct 23, 2014, 12:32 AM

BEIJING:  Chinese scientists are testing a new cancer-killing virus drug on monkeys.

China Radio International reports that, "A potential cancer-killing virus discovered by a group of Chinese scientists is scheduled to be tested on monkeys next week. A team led by Professor Yan Guangmei from Sun Yat-Sen University has managed to extract the virus, known as M1, from a certain kind of mosquito."

Professor Guangmei is quoted as saying that, "This kind of mosquito was found by other Chinese scientists in 1964. Our achievement is that we proved the virus carried by these mosquitoes can be possibly used in cancer therapies."

According to CRI, "Researchers found the virus could potentially kill cancer cells without harming normal ones. Testing has found the virus has worked well on cancer cells in the liver, bladder, colon and rectum."

Clinical testing is expected to last for three years.

To read the entire article from China Radio International, link here:

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