Hillary Calls Her Critics, 'Developmentally Challenged'
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Oct 13, 2014, 09:53 PM

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton contends that anyone who disagrees with her should be considered "developmentally challenged."

The Daily Caller reports that, "Former first lady Hillary Clinton had a surprising, swift way of handling a heckler in San Diego on Sunday. When a woman interrupted her speech to the American Society of Pediatricians with a bullhorn, she made a bold joke that could rankle some in the mental health community.'

Hillary is quoted as saying that, “You know, there are some people who miss important developmental stages.”

According to the Daily Caller, "She went on to talk about more mushy subjects like her new granddaughter, Charlotte. Good for Clinton. She can’t control the media, but hecklers are another story. And they’re par for the course for politicians on the stump."

In the Stalinist era of Russia, critics of the Communist regime were arrested and labelled as "psychotic."

To read the entire article from the Daily Caller, link here:

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