Hong Kong to Build PLA Military Wharves
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Feb 18, 2014, 11:45 pm

BEIJING:  The People's Liberation Army of China plans to construct military wharves nearby Hong Kong's Central Business District.

According to the PLA Daily, "The Town Planning Board in Hong Kong passed a resolution on February 14, 2014 to consent for the Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) to build military wharfs in designated places in the Central waterfront, according to the Information Services Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR)."

Beijing is flexing its muscle in Hong Kong to reminds city residents who is in charge.

As reported by the PLA Daily, "There is no worry for the judicial reviews someone may propose and the general public also has the chance to express opinions on projects, Thomas added. The Government of the Hong Kong SAR will continue to discuss with the Hong Kong Garrison of the PLA about the operational details and if there is any specific arrangement made, it will be publicized to the general public in a timely manner."

The PLA plans to start construction on the military wharves as soon as possible.

To read the entire article from the PLA Daily, link here:

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