Time to Forgive China's CCTV Host for Anti-Foreign Rant
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Oct 19, 2012, 10:13 PM
Apec Yang.jpgBEIJING:  We Americans have many flaws, but one our best traits is how we can forgive others. CCTV TV host Yang Rui of the Dialogue Show faced controversy last May for posting an anti-foreigner rant on his Sina Weibo account.

It was disturbing and I didn’t read it until this morning after receiving an email from Yang Rui, who apologized to his American and European Dialogue Show guests.

I met Yang Rui, when I appeared on his show twice before. I can say in all honesty that he seemed to be a gentleman and was deeply humbled by his gaffe. He treated me with respect and even encouraged me to do more TV broadcasting.

For ten years, I pursued a journalism career. I spent most of my time copy-editing other people’s stories or blogging. I live in relative obscurity waiting for bigger opportunities.

CCTV’s Dialogue Show requested I talk about US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy on a live broadcast. It would be my first TV appearance

As Dallas Blog readers know, I love to complain about Hillary and so it was like a dream come true.

But, I was nervous. I had seen Yang Rui interview people before and he can be tough. However, he was professional, and asked good questions. I didn’t give a flawless performance, so I assumed it would be my one and only appearance on TV.

But, when I departed from the studio, Yang Rui, shook my hand with a smile and said he hopes to see me more often.

I thought he was just being polite, but as it turns out, he spoke the truth. I was invited again, and he sent me email to invite me as a “regular panelist.”

So it goes without saying that I accept his apology and hope the public can forgive him as well. Besides, he asked me if I thought Hillary Clinton is pushy? If a die-hard Texas Republican can answer that question on-air inside a Beijing TV studio then Yang Rui will always have my respect.

To read Yang Rui’s anti-foreigner rant, link here:  To view my appearances on CCTV’s Dialogue Show, link here: and here:

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written by reiner , October 20, 2012

Another yanghunhun who lives in China nd lives on China and, well, screws China and who nobody at home will grant a second glance to.

written by Paul Mooney , October 21, 2012

Tom, Don't you think Yang Rui may like you because you rant about the American government? Of course he loves that kind of thing. He's a staunch Chinese nationalist. Because he allows you to slam Hillary Clinton this doesn't mean he's a professional or fair. I've been following him for 18 years--he's neither. Don't be fooled into disparaging your own country for misguided reasons. And don't let yourself be used. If you want to criticize Hillary, there are plenty of other places you can do that in the US.

written by Not Phil C , October 22, 2012

So let's see if I have this right.

Yang Rui is nice to you, and encourages you, and therefore his tirade against foreigners in general and a Chinese-American journalist in particular should therefore be forgiven?

Because Yang apologized? Even though he's never done so on-air?

Yang Rui's "gaffe"? Calling a female journalist a "bitch" is a "gaffe"?

OK, so you're acquainted with Yang Rui, and you've been on his TV show. Apparently, you've never spoken with Yang Rui about his deep distaste for the United States, how he loathes American culture and lifestyles. He makes these statements, all the while paying tuition for his son who studies in the US, and applying for grants and fellowships in the States.

And evidently, you've never discussed with Yang Rui about his rampant anti-Semitism, or talked about his perception that "Jews run the world economy and the foreign media". He actually believes that George Soros is part of a Jewish cabal that is behind international finance--and out to "hurt China and the Chinese people". Why does Soros do such terrible things? Well, Yang thinks it's because he's Jewish.

I'm astonished at the naiveté on display here. But I guess I shouldn't be.

Yang Rui wants you and other foreigners on his program because such people are not experts on China, and have little background or education about the country.

In fact, that's what CCTV International as a whole does: identify foreign locals who are eager to appear on television, and therefore can be presented as people "who really understand China"--meaning that you are happy to have the airtime, and are very happy to agree with the main political line at the time. If they stumble or appear confused, they're invited back. That way, the viewership is not impressed with foreigners, only with Yang himself.

None of that should be surprising because CCTV answers to the Department of Propaganda, and one of their aims is to have people in China and Chinese elsewhere marvel at what is presented as foreign ineptitude.

Of course, Yang Rui wants to see you more often on his show. You appear to be exactly his type of guy.

written by Tom McGregor , October 22, 2012

Paul Mooney: If Fox News Channel or other US-based TV networks would like to invite me to blast Hillary on their shows, I would be more than happy to accept their invitations

written by Not Phil C , October 22, 2012

That's actually the point. Fox News Channel is not going to ask you on their shows because they have experts for that--real ones, not people who simply have an opinion.

You're not being asked on DIALOGUE because you're suddenly a recognized expert on international issues. You're being asked on the program precisely because you are not.

You seem to have fallen for the typical approach by the Chinese media: flatter and fawn over the foreigner who, suddenly treated seriously, will gladly come on and be led into answering questions in a way that champions China.

And now you're doing exactly what Yang and his like hope you'll do; once feted, you'll adopt their point of view and do their preaching for them. So Yang goes from being an anti-American zealot who sees international (often Jewish) conspiracies and Washington out to hurt China, to someone who is simply misunderstood and who should be forgiven for his transgressions.

Mission accomplished.

written by Not Phil C , October 22, 2012

And you really don't think you're an "editor" at China Daily, do you?

You do not make editorial decisions, for those are the job of the CCP.

You're just correcting English for them.

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