'Ryan Girl' Outshines 'Obama Girl' on YouTube
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Oct 15, 2012, 07:06 PM
Addition Fiscal.jpg'Obama Girl,' who captured the world’s attention during the 2008 presidential election for singing about her so-called crush on Obama, has become just a one-hit wonder.

She’s getting out-shined by ‘Ryan Girl,’ who sings the praises of GOP vice presidential nominee, Paul Ryan’s federal budget plan.

According to Politico, “during the 2008 election, the owlrd heard all about on woman’s crush on Obama. And now, vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has his own swooning supporter.”

She dressed in an exercise outfit, and calls herself, ‘Ryan Girl.’ She sings, ‘Let’s Get Fiscal,’ a political version of the original song, ‘Let’s Get Physical,’ in a YouTube video.

To read the entire article from Politico, link here:

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written by Jonathan Green , October 17, 2012

Romney was his usual loud and obnoxious self, but President Obama checked him with dignity and class. Romney told a pack of lies, but I think people could see his inconsistencies, especially about closing loopholes. Candy Crowley did a good job, but I am interested to see how the time division broke down. In any case, I was excited and delighted. Watched the thing 2 times. Yes, I am a political junkie and a glutton for punishment. Nevertheless, I am thinking about the brother who shared that he had "less enthusiasm" for President Obama now than he did in 2008. I wanted to ask him how much enthusiasm he had for Mr. Romney "I haven't figured it out yet" Romney. Can't tell you which deductions he will pull, comes up with a half-@ss plan to offer a flat rate deductible of $25,000. I am sure he and his rich friends will get more, one way or another. Shouldn't he have tried to figure something out before he decided to run for President? President Obama called him on his flip flops, and he couldn't answer. And his in your face attitude would have gotten his melanin-deprived hind parts kicked anyplace but on that stage. Does he really speak like that in the boardroom, or does he have a different standard for Presidents of the United States? In conclusion, President Obama lost the first debate with a horrendous performance that left friends and foe alike asking what MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked pointedly, “Where was Obama tonight?” No one’s asking that question now. Mitt Romney did okay. But Obama won hands down!

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