Evolving Sino-Africa Economic Ties
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Oct 15, 2012, 03:05 AM

Africa Rise.jpgBEIJING:  Africa appears to hold amazing potential for greater prosperity. The land is rich in natural resources with much fertile ground for agriculture and a population that remains young with high birth rates. The continent is recognized for its beautiful natural scenery, abundant wildlife and unexplored regions destined for development.

Yet, the Western media often portrays it as the Dark Continent ravaged by wars, corruption and famines. Many Westerners perceive Africans as primitive and treat them as charity cases. Hence, Africa has received little respect from the West.

However, the continent is enjoying remarkable economic growth in recent years and some so-called experts on Africa from the US or Europe had blasted stronger Sino-African economic ties. They claim that Beijing seeks to exploit Africans, not help them.

Skeptics accuse the Chinese of making a power grab to drain its natural resources. Yet, the criticisms seem to be more about pushing a joint US-EU globalist agenda that knocks out Chinese business rivals.

Accordingly, they belittle Chinese companies as "incompetent", and encourage African governments to sign more expensive contracts with major Western firms.

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