300 NYT Staffers Walk out on Negotiations
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Oct 8, 2012, 11:04 PM
Aid Krugman.jpgOn Monday afternoon, members of the New York Times Guild walked out of the newspaper’s Manhattan offices to demonstrate against stagnant negotiations over compensation and benefits.

CBS News reports that, “according to a memo sent to New York Times guild members on Monday posted on JimRomenesko.com, employees were asked to exit through the 40th street entrance of the Midtown Manhattan building, walk down the block and reenter at the 41st street entrance in order to signify their disapproval over the current talks. Stickers with a short statement written on them would be handed out to people who exited the building. Those who decided to stop by and get coffee during the walk out were asked to prominently display their sticker.”

Supporters have pledged to sign a letter about the ‘untenable and destructive demands of the company. The prior New York Times Guild contract expired 18 months ago, while a new contract hasn’t been agreed to.

According to CBS News, “earlier in February, about half of the Times newsroom gathered in front of the Page One conference room in protest over negotiations, according to The Atlantic.”

Apparently, New York Times may have endorsed Obama’s health care plan, but it’s labor union complains that the newspaper offers inadequate health care insurance coverage for its staffers.

To read the entire article from CBS News, link here:

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