Obama Already Claiming Victory
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Sep 23, 2012, 06:00 PM
Aclypse Obama.jpgPresident Barack Obama is hitting the campaign trail announcing a so-called victory in his upcoming election for the White House, despite Election Day polls showing a dead heat.

According to the Daily Telegraph of London, “in unusually bullish statements following Mr. Romney’s most difficult week of the campaign so far, Mr. Obama’s team taunted the Republican challenger with polling data from crucial battleground states.”

Nonetheless, the presidential candidates Obama and Mitt Romney are still locked in a virtual tie in polls of national vote with Gallup on Sunday placing national support for both men at 47 percent.

As reported by the Telegraph, “aides to Mr. Obama urged voters to ignore national polls, which they claim are skewed by emphatic support for Mr. Romney in safe Republican states that will not decide the overall result.”

Democrats are already raising scare tactics by claiming Republicans are trying to stop minorities from voting on Election Day, despite evidence to the contrary.

To read the entire article from the Daily Telegraph of London, link here:

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