Lady Gaga Who? Her Stardom Dims
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Sep 19, 2012, 07:14 PM
Alias Loopy.jpgPop star Lady Gaga may soon be starring in “Whatever happened too …” Hollywood TV news documentaries in a few years. Her recent concert tour has drawn little attention from the media.

The Daily Mail reports that, “all but the most gullible observers would conclude that when she lit up a giant cannabis spiff on stage this week, Lady Gaga was, as ever, simply desperate to be noticed.”

For the past couple of weeks, the pop singer is on the European leg of her Born This Way tour and has been begging for media exposure, even trying to gain weight as a publicity stunt.

According to the Mail, “keen to hang on her crown as pop’s pre-eminent fruitcake – with the attendant money-spinning power – nothing could be worse for Gaga than to lose the power to shock.”

Lady Gaga is using her concert tour to sing the praises of President Barack Obama as well.

To read the entire article from the Daily Mail of London, link here:

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written by joshua , September 20, 2012

her co-stars will be Barry Obama and Eric Holder

written by Travis , September 21, 2012

Remember "we all have to support Bush because he is our president" Britney Spears?

Whatever became of her?

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