UK Prepares for Crippling Strikes
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Sep 10, 2012, 08:27 PM

AFL British.jpgLabor unions in Great Britain plan to launch crippling nationwide strikes that could push the United Kingdom economy to a grinding halt.

Reuters reports that, “Prime Minister David Cameron vowed on Monday not to change course in the face of threats of mass strikes over public sector pay, as calls for industrial action over the government’s austerity program dominated talks at a meeting of union leaders in Brighton.”

Cameron along with his coalition government had frozen public sector pay for three years and reformed pensions as part of its tough deficit-cutting plan. He has no plans to re-negotiate the deal.

Reuters quotes Cameron’s spokesman as saying that, “we have put in place some changes to pensions. We do not intend to reopen those talks. And we have put in place a freeze to public sector pay for two years. Again, we do not intend to reopen that decision.”

The spokesman added, “threats of strike action would benefit nobody.”

To read the entire article from Reuters, link here:

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