Putin Endorses Obama for Re-election
by Tom McGregor    Sat, Sep 8, 2012, 05:03 PM
Angry Putin.jpgPresident Vladimir Putin has recently launched a major crackdown on pro-Democracy activists in the country. Pravda, a Russian State-owned newspaper, disclosed that a Russian nuclear submarine invaded US territorial waters undetected in May and sailed nearby New York City, Washington D.C. and Charlotte, North Carolina. Accordingly, Putin believes that Obama can help the Russian regime’s anti-human rights agenda move ‘Forward.’

During an interview on Russia Today, Putin described Obama as a “kind, sincere and honest man.” He expressed glowing admiration for Obama’s Jimmy Carter-style foreign policy initiatives.

Meanwhile, he blasted Mitt Romney, GOP nominee for president, as Russia’s foe since he shows “less flexibility and more backbone.” Putin finds it disturbing that Romney supports a strong US military presence to stop Russian nuke subs from sailing nearby major U.S. cities on the East Coast.

One of Putin’s close friends, appeared on a live broadcast of the Dialogue Show on CCTV English-language news channel in Beijing on Saturday evening to reaffirm the Russian regime’s support for Obama.

Daniel Fegelhauer, a Russian defense analyst, said, “Putin has just endorsed Obama for re-election.”

To learn more about Putin’s endorsement of Obama on the Alaska Dispatch, link here:  To watch CCTV's Dialogue show, link here:

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written by Travis , September 09, 2012

Putin also endorsed Bush for reelection in 2004.


What political point were you trying to make, again?

written by K. D. , September 09, 2012

Could it be "two peas in a pod"?

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