'We're Fair & Balanced,' NYT Claims
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Aug 26, 2012, 07:44 PM
Abramson Bias.jpgApparently, the New York Times is claiming its reporters our “fair and balanced” journalists without a liberal bias. Yet, an ousted New York Times columnist holds a contrary opinion.

Politico reports that, “the executive editor of the New York Times is disputing an accusation of liberal bias made by her very own public editor, Arthur Brisbane.”

In his last column for the NYT, Brisbane described his fellow staffers “share a kind of political and cultural progressivism that virtually bleeds through the fabric of The Times.” He contends that Times reporters support liberal topics, such as gay marriage and the Occupy movement, “more like causes than news subjects.”

“But,” according to Politico, “Times executive editor Jill Abramson says she disagrees with Brisbane’s ‘sweeping conclusions.’

She said, “in our newsroom we are always conscious that the way we view an issue in New York is not necessarily the way it is viewed in the rest of the country or world. I disagree with Mr. Brisbane’s sweeping conclusions.”

Last year, Mrs. Abramson faced some scrutiny and mockery for ghostwriting and publishing a book on behalf of her pet dog. She even hired a publicist and launched a nationwide book tour.

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