Finland May Abandon Euro to Stop Bailouts
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Aug 15, 2012, 06:08 PM

Abandon Finland.jpgA recent edition of Finland’s leading news magazine, Suomen Kuvalehti, asked, ‘Euro or Not?’ on its front page.

The BBC News reports that, “it continued: ‘Finland’s return to the markka (the national currency before the Euro) is not impossible.’”

Actually, Finland government finances are stronger than Germany’s. The country is is small but pivotal contributor to the resources the eurozone has set aside for bailouts of struggling nations.

According to the BBC News, “the pressure on Finland’s commitment to the euro is from domestic politics.”

The figurehead for the nation’s Eurosceptics is Timo Soini, leaders of the political party known in English as the Finns.

To read the entire article from the BBC News, link here:

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