Capt. Watson Says, ‘Japanese Dudes Arrest Me’
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Aug 6, 2012, 05:30 PM

Aka Tokyo.jpgEco-terrorist Captain Paul Watson (aka Osama bin Watson), founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, had written a letter, dated February 10, 2010, and posted on his Website.

He told Japanese whalers, “how about having some legal authority actually charge us with a crime. Maybe you should try suing us?”

In the letter, Osama bin Watson confessed to committing crimes that included launching acid attacks against Japanese scientists conducting essential research and experiments.

Apparently, Captain Watson is boasting that he “is traveling freely.” He even hinted that the Australian government would help him if indeed he would ever jump bail.

Osama bin Watson wrote, “you may call us terrorists, yet you are not banned from flying commercial flights, we have valid passports, and we are allowed to travel freely. I can even travel to Japan, if I so desired.”

He disclosed, “it’s not illegal for Australians to assist Sea Shepherd activities.” He also used racist terminology; calling the Japanese, “barbaric and horrifically disgusting.” He accused Japanese men of breeding a culture of molesting “young girls.”

To read Captain Paul Watson’s letter to Japanese whalers, link here:

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written by Ocean Protector , August 07, 2012

"Osama bin Watson"????
How about "Timothy McGregor" eh?
Do you like that? Unfortunately you do.

Is this moron really the voice of "Dallas Blog", the Voice of Dallas and the Metroplex? I love Dallas, but this dude is a complete nut case. He makes Rush Limbaugh sound like an angel!!!

written by Andrew , August 07, 2012

Japanese "scientists"?!? That pretty much declares where you're coming from doesn't it. It's also misleading to refer to "acid attacks" asthough the impact of this acid is corrosion as opposed to just being smelly and tainting the meat. That's covered pretty well in Paul Watson's letter which you link to but misrepresent in your text.

Actually, Watson's letter addresses all your points pretty well (anyone who is inclined to take your racism spiel seriously should read the original). It's worth a read. Thanks for pointing me to it.

written by awesome , August 07, 2012

osama bin watson? to whoever wrote this: you're an idiot my man. you sit behind your little computer typing mean things about people who go out there and make a bit of change in the world. whether or not you think wanting to protect whales is stupid, or if wanting to protect children is stupid, or if believing you can make a difference is stupid... it's all better than marking snarky comments about people on a blog. whats your legacy my dude? a bunch of bitchy blogs. well done. huge applause!

written by Les , August 07, 2012

Watson is, in my opinion, a criminal and he should be treated as such. I hope the Japanese do arrent him and finally, there will be justice.

written by ron jargenson , August 07, 2012

Watson likes to talk shit when he's in Australia because he has that entire country conned and under his thumb. It's funny now that the authorities have called his bluff and he's too scared to even say where he's hiding. Watson is such a cowardly douchebag it's not even funny.

written by bob Tarzwell , August 07, 2012

what drugs are you on ?? saying" acid attacks against Japanese scientists conducting essential research and experiments"

what scientists , you mean the killers of whales who chop the meat up and can it so they will sell the meat and make profit. the acid is stinky milk . me thinks you work for the whale killers. If your going to report make sure you have the facts.

written by Eco Friendly , August 07, 2012

Eco terrorist? Osama bin Watson? You have a right to your absurd opinion, but this is so ridiculous it's hard to believe you wrote it and a paper published it!

written by Lethal1ty , August 07, 2012

Wow, really? Dude you make some of the most pathetically biased things I have ever read. Firstly, almost nobody calls him Osama bin Watson. In fact, I have only ever heard you make this nickname. I like how you would compare throwing rancid butter at someone to blowing things up. Perhaps I should inform you that no icr crew have been injured by Captain Watson's actions. You are about as radical as they come and it's just kind of sad that you have such hate for a guy you have obviously never tried to understand. You're either a troll, or a moron. This is evidenced by the fact that if you could actually READ, then you would realize that Paul didn't write this letter. In fact, this isn't even their official site. If you coul READ, then you would understand that only the COMMENTARY was written by Paul Watson. Also, Japan has failed to prove to the IWC that it's research is necessary and has been criticized no fewer than 18 times for this officially. Also, the whole paragraph about all the teen girl stuff in Japan? You say it as though it isn't true. Trust me, anybody who has been on the Internet looking at funny stuff has become well aware of the reality by now. You're not fooling anyone. I won't ask you to stop hating this guy who clearly frightens you. But I would ask that you stop posting you stuff on a site called DALLASblog. You're embarrassing my state.

written by david7134 , August 07, 2012

Whale Wars is one of the funniest shows on TV. If you think they are serious, then you have a problem. They are in it for the money, that is all. Watching Watson, I wonder why he hasn't been fired on. The Japanese are far too tolerant.

written by Genesis , August 08, 2012

I think the real Terrorists are the Australian Government who fail to protect the whales and have agreements in place with the Japanese to do research that was finalised 30 years ago. The Japanese are slaughtering whales to eat them and that is not research. Whale meat is sold for a small fortune and the Japanese pocket the loot. So that's what this is all about, money. The Australian Government are the greatest collection of perverts in the world today and rort anything they can get their filthy hands on. Bribery and corruption is their No 1 policy besides being practising homosexuals.

written by Bulldozer , August 08, 2012

"We sometimes register our success by the amount of hate mail and death threats that we get." -Paul Watson. Tommy Boy, your predictably outrageous "reporting" (oh, that's rich) as it pertains to SSCS is simply proof that this outstanding group of fine individuals are doing a fantastic job. Your keyboard blather-pecking is their validation. Hail Sea Shepherd and hail Paul Watson!

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