Is Eco-Terrorist Paul Watson Hiding in Ecuador?
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Jul 31, 2012, 05:33 PM
Adman Watson.jpgEco-Militant Paul Watson, captain of an anti-whaling terrorist ship, the Sea Shepherd, appears to be actively communicating with an environmentalist in Ecuador. Meanwhile, Mr. Watson remains a global fugitive of justice as a German court has issued a warrant for his arrest. His whereabouts are still unknown.

The Dallas Blog has received an email from Mariana Almeida, executive president of RAINFOREST-Life Without Frontiers Foundation/OCEAN DEFENDER-Ecuador. She even disclosed Mr. Watson’s future legal strategy.

She claims that, “the case of Captain Watson would also be presented to the pertinent Human Rights commissions and organizations and shall be placed on the agenda of the European Parliament, the international agreements shall be respected and it is clear that Germany might need to explain to the European Parliament the reason to accept the extradition request from a Caribbean country without an extradition agreement.”

So, it’s seems imperative that the German government, along with Japanese officials contact Ecuador to inquire about the whereabouts of Paul Watson. Failure to do so would imply that the rule of law no longer matters. No one should be above the law, and that includes Captain Paul Watson.

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written by EX Crew , August 01, 2012

Watson is a compulsive lying thug who thinks he is above the law. For the numerous crimes he has committed lets hopeche goes to jail sooner rather than later. He is a cunning liar , if he says he is in a certain country you can bet hes not. All spin and BS from the criminal jerk.

written by Ashley , August 01, 2012

Kind of like how the illegal shark-finners that caused this whole incident shouldn't be above the law? Oh wait... they paid of the gov't to press these bogus charges against Paul (that even Interpol deemed as politically motivated) so that the illegal shark-finners would never be charged or even questioned.

Nice job on non-opinionated journalism on this one Tom. Just a tip: You may want to do a little more research on the situation before you go about saying that Paul thinks he's above the law. He's the only one willing to enforce the laws that gov't put in place but wont enforce and he's the one that gets charged, not the illegal shark-finning criminals.

written by Svend , August 01, 2012

"He's the only one willing to enforce the laws that gov't put in place"

Nice quoted from PW's doctrine. His willingness to pursue the law, and put poachers and whalers on trial must be the reason he skipped bail instead of getting his day in court.
PW is nothing but an egomaniac diverting money from organizations that actually care and do something for nature! The sooner, the better, he gets a timeout behind bars.

written by EX Crew , August 03, 2012

He (the fraudulent 'captain') is an ego tripping money hungry media whoring megalomaniacal misanthropic lunatic. When the lying coward is caught quivering and cowering in terror, lock him up in Japan for a few years, he is a pirate and piracy is a crime the last time I looked, he is a criminal who needs to be arrested , not given bail and locked up for the good of the planet and the animals he pretends to save, the animals people feel pity for, so how about supporting endangered animals money in it ? no publicity? right .. all animals feel pain , humans eat meat thats a fact, we should enforce humane killing of domestic animals , that is paramount, forget the lying brainwashing parrot fashion indoctrination by Watson who has a huge vested interest in conning the masses. And so off he waddles like a baby hippo to the bank when his gullible misinformed supporters cough up when he demands they do.. all money for his retirement in a tax free haven. What a great guy he is .

written by Ocean Protector , August 04, 2012

By naming yourself "EX Crew", you mean an ex SSCS crew/volunteer or an ex-crew whaler/poacher? Sounds more like the latter...

written by Joseph Kool , August 06, 2012

Who does this Mariana Almeida woman think she is? You don't make the laws lady and nobody gives a crap what some little insignificant country like Ecuador has to say because it's none of their business. Watson is a fugitive, he jumped bail and he will be caught and he will spend a long time in jail and there's nothing you or your stupid vegan friends can do about it. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to make a dolphin meat and shark fin sandwich.

written by Joseph Kool , August 07, 2012

This has nothing do do about shark finning and everything to do with ramming boats, putting lives in danger and jumping bail. As soon as you tree hugging vegan twats can comprehend this the sooner you'll accept that Watson is trully finished and move on end of story.

written by EX Crew , August 10, 2012

Hit the nail on the head Joseph Kool.. cool name btw. Watson only pretended to be a conservationist, he wants to be a movie star he wants to con the dumb movie stars into donating more money. Who gets to use the money donated in cash to Watson, he does...he stashesw it away for days like these when he's on thec run from the authorities. Hey Mister Watson " arrest me or shut the hell up" does that make you feel more stupid than you already are? arrest you they did and you ran you little pansy, ran like a scared little bunny in the headlights of a car, ran to save yourself like you did before when you left your buddies to be arrested on the ice... Mister Watshisname has a habit of attacking people then running. Piracy is a crime. Attempted murder is a crime. Attempting to serioursly hurt people with acid, fouling prop lines, metal spikes on the ship, ramming ships with intent to harm or kill is a crime. Sinking other peoples ships is a crime. Abusing people,stalking people, intimidating people, bullying people, all crimes. Piracy is a crime . (Were not activists were pirates !!)Watson sucks big time for forty years of criminal behaviour as well as conning the masses for money and for manipulation, Watson is a lying fat man who eats meat is not a vegan who eats anything he so desires including seafood like salmon and lobster. I have seen him stuff his face with juicy meat pies and steak. Forty years of crimes against humanity makes for a lot of crimes. Pay the price Watson you snivelling gutless liar.

written by cetavo , August 11, 2012

So, tell me "EX Crew" seem to know so much about Paul. HA HA HA! You don't know crap! You have just simply gone to anti SCSS web sites and cut, copied and pasted yourself into looking like a world wide moronic idiot! Paul eating Lobster and steak?? Please please tell the world when YOU were in the restaurant that this occurred. Please. No more cuting and pasting here..try talking for yourself with your own words. Without spell check, and without a program to translate into English. Crimes against humanity? Really? Really? How can one be charged with crimes against humanity when no humans have been harmed? Financially harmed others? Yes he's done that. However humanity and financial gain off the death of others clashes in the face of humanity. So please, please out yourself. If you are and "EX crew" you are a disgrace to those of us who proudly have that title. Because NO "ex crew" walks away with such hatred. Unless you've always been a animal exploiting snake and lied their way onto a campaign. So which is it??

written by Mariana Almeida , August 25, 2012

Dear Mr. McGregor,

for your reference and possible publication:


Mariana Almeida

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