UK Kids to Snitch on Tax-Dodging Parents
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Jul 26, 2012, 12:55 AM
Baby IRS.jpgThe British Government is demanding that children snitch on their parents, if they are guilty of evading taxes. The establishment of the British Children’s IRS has caused an uproar in the United Kingdom.

The Daily Telegraph of London reports that, “school children are being encouraged by HM Revenue and Customs to tell their teachers if they know of anyone ‘in their local area’ who is not paying their fair share of tax.”

Yet, critics and family advocates contend that it should be deemed “un-British” of the HMRC to hire “children into state spies.”

According to the Telegraph, “the news came after a Treasury minister said it was ‘morally wrong’ for homeowners to negotiate discounts with plumbers and traders by paying them in cash if it allowed them to evade tax.”

David Green, director of the Civitas thinktank, said, “this sounds a bit too ‘Big Brotherish.’ People in their local area’ are most likely to be parents or close relatives. Turning children into state spies is un-British.”

To read the entire article from the Daily Telegraph of London, link here:

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