NY Times: PR Machine For Obama and CIA
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Jun 5, 2012, 06:03 PM
President Barack Obama is putting national security at risk by using the New York Times to disclose his covert CIA operations in an effort to portray himself as a so-called heroic figure during his $1 billion re-election bid for the White House.

Politico reports that, “Arizona Sen. John McCain on Tuesday demanded an investigation into the recent leaks of classified information on U.S. intelligence operations.”

The ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, who was defeated in the 2008 presidential election to Obama, accused the White House of leaking sensitive information about covert missions to The New York Times as an effort to “paint a portrait of the president of the United States as a strong leader on national security issues.”

According to Politico, “McCain also said the Obama administration might have been responsible for blowing the cover of a Pakistani doctor who helped U.S. commandos locate Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. The doctor, Shakil Afridi, has been sentenced by a Pakistani court to 33 years in prison.”

In a fiery speech on the Senate floor, McCain said, “this is not a proud day for the United States of America. Our friends are not the only ones who read the The New York Times. Our enemies do too.”

To read the entire article from Politico, link here:

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written by G S , June 06, 2012

The Whitehouse blew the cover of the covert Saudi agent who stopped the latest plan to destroy a airplane in flight. Anything to get reelected.

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