In Case of Emergency, FEMA Calls Waffle House
by Tom McGregor    Wed, May 2, 2012, 06:17 PM
President Barack Obama has issued a new executive order in which a zone is only declared a “federal disaster area” if the food chain, Waffle House, temporarily shuts down for business. Hence, states and local regions are not eligible for federal relief funds if the Waffle House remains open after a disaster strikes.

Fox News reports that, “the Federal Emergency Management Agency has developed an unofficial, color-coded ‘Waffle House Index’ to help make assessments before sending response teams to areas hit by such natural disasters as tornadoes, floods or hurricanes.”

Will Booher of Florida’s Division of emergency Management, said, “when businesses like that are closed, that’s a good indication that resources are probably going to be needed for the survivors there in that area.”

According to Fox News, “after a disaster, officials call a restaurant in the affected area, and ask what’s on the menu. If the restaurant is serving everything, it means there is water and electricity and that the index is green. If the menu has been scaled back, the index is yellow, which means there’s water but no power.”

FEMA will only declare a code red emergency relief alert if the local area Waffle house is completely shut down.

To read the entire article from Fox News, link here:

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written by joshua , May 07, 2012

IHOP is incensed that the Rooty Tootie Fresh and Fruity menu is not the FEMA trigger.

written by tony j , May 17, 2012

That means the area around Atlanta is a total disaster area. Half of the wafflehouses closed up when they banned smoking in restaurants.

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