Chinese Economist Wins Milton Friedman Award
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Apr 23, 2012, 01:17 AM
BEIJING:  Last year, Mao Yushi, won the Milton Friedman award for his support of free market idealism. He’s a retired Chinese Economist who survived the Chinese Cultural Revolution and a major advocate of the country’s reforms and opening up policies in the past 30 years.

The Asia Times reports that, “last summer, the 83-year-old posted a blog titled ‘Judging Mao (Zedong) as a Man,’ a critical re-evaluation of Chairman Mao’s legacy. In response, some of the late communist leader’s supporters called for Mao Yushi’s arrest – others threatened to beat him up. The economist managed to survive the harassment, but only after he followed advice from the authorities to keep a low-profile and stop writing anything more about the late leader.”

Yet, Mao Yushi continues to advocate liberty, which won him the Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty from the Washington-based Cato Institute. He will travel to the U.S. in May to accept the award.

According to the Asia Times, “a self-trained economist and a mentor of several leading Chinese liberal economists, Mao strongly believes in the powers of free market, equal rights and democracy. Unlike the majority of Chinese, he didn’t spend most of his time before the 1990s toeing the party line. Working as a railway engineer in Heilongjiang province sine 1950, he was involved in developing solutions to improve the efficiency of trains while increasing his professional knowledge and learning languages.”

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