Environmentalists Get Greedy for Subsidies
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Apr 18, 2012, 07:11 PM

Militant environmentalists love the color green since it’s the color of money. They are discovering that launching so-called green (cleaner environment) campaigns can rake in billions of dollars of tax-payer-funded subsidies from governments and the United Nations for them.

The BBC News reports that, “capturing and burying the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from power stations is viable – but long-term government support will be needed, a report says.”

Specialists in economics and technology dedicated two years to research the issue for the United Kingdom Energy Research Council. Recently, the British government announced a $1 billion fund to boost carbon capture and storage (CCS), but the report is demanding that governments and the UN give them bigger subsidies.

According to the BBC, “CCS is widely seen as an important part of a low – carbon electricity system. ‘CCS is seen as the key to many scenarios of how to mitigate climate change, whether that’s the U meeting its targets on cutting emissions or global targets that keep warming below 2C,’ said the report’s lead author Dr. Jim Watson, director of the energy research group at Sussex University.”

He added, “but unlike other low-carbon technologies, CCS doesn’t exist at the commercial scale. We don’t know when they will be technically proven at full scale, and whether costs will be competitive with other low-carbon options.”

To read the entire article from the BBC News, link here:

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written by Ken Dickson , April 19, 2012

Another UN & Enviro fraud!

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