UT Outlaws Handwashing with Soap
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Apr 18, 2012, 03:17 AM
The student government at the University of Texas has declared war on using soap for washing your hands on campus. UT students contend that anti-bacterial soap harms the environment and toothpastes and deodorants could soon become banned substances as well.

But have no fear illegal underage drinking parties at frat houses will continue on so long as students refrain from washing their hands.

The Houston Chronicle reports that, “the concern is triclosan, an antibacterial chemical used for more than 30 years in soaps, toothpastes, lotions and deodorant and marketed as a germ killer. But antibacterial soap does not work any better than regular soap, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other studies.”

Texas EPA Czar Al Armendariz has uncovered evidence that triclosan as a chemical runoff endangers plants and animals in lakes, streams and rivers.

Allison Aiello of the Center for Society Epidemiology and Population Health at the University of Michigan, said, “there’s not really a place for these products on the shelves in the community at this point.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, “UT made news recently when student leaders passed a resolution calling for administrators to ban antibacterial soap from campus. It may have been more of a symbolic move because in 2008 the university began phasing out the use of antibacterial soap, mostly because of costs.”

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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written by joshua , April 20, 2012

no problem...teasippers do not wash themselves anyway

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