Feminist Group Seeks Porn-Watching Volunteers
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Apr 18, 2012, 12:50 AM

A feminist group from Taiwan has just posted a ‘help wanted’ ad in search of volunteers to watch adult films and inexperienced porn fans need not apply. 

Apparently, the volunteers are required to focus their attention mostly on Sora Aoi, a Japanese adult film actress.

According to the China Times of Taipei, “the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation recently posted a notice advertising ‘the most embarrassing volunteer job’ – watching pornographic films. The foundation said they wanted to collect opinions from the public regarding pornography and raise gender consciousness through watching the films and discussing gender issues regarding inequality and violence toward women, reports our sister newspaper China Times.”

The foundation only sought twenty people for the study, but hundreds of people have already offered their services free of charge, two-thirds of them are male. The ad was first posted on Facebook and then shared more than 200 times that ignited much netizen debate. Some consider the volunteer program to be attractive and enticing while others insist that it seems unnecessary to watch pornography to generate discussions on gender issues.

As reported by the China Times, “the kind of volunteer the foundation is looking for should be over 18 with a history of watching pornography for at least five years, be familiar with the work of Japanese adult actress Sora Aoi, consider watching pornography a form of entertainment yet while also feeling uncomfortable about the treatment of women in the porn industry.”

To read the entire article from the China times, link here:

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written by joshua , April 20, 2012

what ever happened to Disney movies anyway?

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