Amnesty Sparks Arab Spring in Bahrain
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Apr 16, 2012, 06:48 PM

The Bahrain government may soon be embroiled in an Arab Spring civil war as Amnesty is pushing for a so-called militant “human rights” revolution in the country.

The BBC News reports that, “human rights are still being violated in Bahrain despite promises of reform, according to the campaign group Amnesty International.”

Amnesty is hinting that the Arab Spring could erupt into violence when Bahrain hosts the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Amnesty said, “no-one should be under any illusions that the human rights crisis is over.”

Amnesty’s Hassiba Hadj Sahroui said, “their reforms have only scratched the surface.”

According to the BBC, “more than 40 people died in last year’s unrest and 1,600 were arrested. ‘The authorities are trying to portray the country as being on the road to reform but we continue to receive reports of torture and use of unnecessary and excessive force against protests.”

Nevertheless, Amnesty admits that protestors are instigating violent clashes against the police.

To read the entire article from the BBC News, link here:

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written by citizensforbahrain , April 17, 2012

If you focus on the headlines and the attention-grabbing timing of Amnesty International’s latest Bahrain report, it appears damning. However, when you actually read the substance of the report it tells a somewhat different story.

Amnesty credits the Bahraini authorities with important reforms over recent months, although unsurprisingly it states that the Government has not gone far enough or fast enough. These include:

•A new code of conduct for the security services, explicitly prohibiting torture.

•An office in the Ministry of the Interior dedicated to investigating complaints against the police

•Human rights training for police officers.

This shows Bahrain to be a Government to be reforming its way out of trouble – Which you have to give it some credit for.

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