High Schools Should Teach Vocational and Technical Education
by Tom Pauken    Sat, Mar 3, 2012, 08:30 AM

I wanted to share with you an article on my remarks to the Eagle Ford Shale Conference in San Antonio on Thursday.  I believe that we need to place greater emphasis on vocational and technical education in our state, beginning at the secondary school level.

Link here for Rio Grande Guardian story.

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written by joshua , March 03, 2012

This MUST not be done with ANY political overtones or financial benefits to any group, industry, or lobby interests.

It also must not be a federal fund, loan guarantee project, or it will eat itself. Further, it cannot be a part of the standare Texas Public School programs under the existing superintendent/principal " as they have NO experience in tech/vocational training or job program management. Furthermore, the "experts" from the for fee training schools are only expert in federal grant securing and student recruiting as a marketing effort....they CANNOT be the go to group for expertise.

If Tom looks at this as other than a total major overhaul of the entire school system structure...and not as some little "measurement"issue to get away from TESTING and the NCLB mentality...he is shallow and short sighted. The intent is very correct, the the Devil will be in the DETAILS.

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