Obama Study Wants to Stop Farm Subsidies
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Feb 24, 2012, 07:25 PM

Is it possible for a President of the US, who is a liberal Democrat, to oppose agricultural subsidies for American farmers? Apparently, the answer is “yes,” since Barack Obama believes that the carbon emissions from tractors pollute the environment and livestock animals emit odiferous smells that could lead to Global Warming.

Accordingly, Obama established a Harvard Study Committee to explain the necessity of ending agricultural subsidies for farmers and label this strategy as the “US competitiveness” plan for the Obama Energy Doctrine.

The Obama-Harvard Study Committee co-Czars are Daniel C. Esty and Steve Charnovitz as they published the President’s new energy policies if Obama is re-elected to the White House. They outline “10 specific policy proposals that link sustainability and competitiveness.”

The Obama-Harvard team lists as No. 7 this proposal, “sunset all agricultural subsidies and other government payments that result in unsustainable production practices and create protectionist trade barriers.”

The White House intends to shift all funds from agricultural subsidies and funnel the benefits to defunct alternative energy companies such as Solyndra. This plan is clarified in No. 6 on the list, “increase federal funding of basic lean-energy research.”

To read the Obama Energy Doctrine in the Harvard Business Review, link here:

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written by Ken Dickson , February 25, 2012

The job-killer wants all Federal dollars to go to social programs & Green Energy jobs that have NO COMMERCIAL VALUE & NO RETURN from taxes, etc. This does nothing for the economic health of the country & he knows this!

Business! Never hire a Harvard grad unless you want America to look like Russia in 100 years! That is Obam's dream!

written by Carlos Zaldivar , February 25, 2012

there is no telling what kind of crazy will come from the white house now a days!...

written by Penny , February 25, 2012

Finally a president with the gumption to stand up to the farm lobby and their ever-greater demands for subsidies, loan guarantee, crop set asides and import export deals that would make welfare mother on food stamps blush with shame.

written by holubcu , September 25, 2012

Being from rural Iowa i have witness the destruction of the family farm, and small midwest towns, and values in the last 15 years do mostly to government farm subsides, about time we end them.

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