Sheila Jackson Lee Promotes ‘Thug Rapper’ Marketing
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Feb 20, 2012, 07:37 PM

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D.-Tx.), a tax-and-spend Congresswoman, contends that the corporate world should get more streetwise and “snizzle not fizzle on the down low.”

Hence, she’s appointed her son to promote ‘gangsta’ rap’ to become the new lingo for the business community. She insists that Snoop Dogg philosophy makes more common business sense than anything else to ensure that corporate executives are geting their groove on.

CNBC reports that, “Ben Horowitz, a prominent venture capital investor (in Silicon Valley), says rap holds a trove of lessons for tech entrepreneurs. Throw business classes and books out the window, Mr. Horowitz says, and listen to rap lyrics instead.”

Apparently, he has attracted a large following with his business lessons that are preceded by rap lyrics to summarize street gangster morality. He posts his recording on Grooveshark, the music site.

According to CNBC, “much of rap is about business, whether the drug business, the music industry or work ethic, said Adam Bradley, an associate professor specializing in African-american literature at the University of Colorado at Boulder who wrote ‘Book of Rhymes: the Poetics of Hip Hop’ and co-edited ‘The Anthology of Rap.’”

Jason Lee, the son of Sheila Jackson Lee, persuaded his mother to read Mr. Horowitz blog and organize a congressional panel to convince Republicans and Democrats to get down with gangsta rap and hug a thug in the business world.

To read the entire article from CNBC, link here:

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written by Ken Dickson , February 21, 2012

What a bunch of "bull"!...the usual insanity put out by Lee! She needs to be voted out of office!

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