Kennedy Youngster Campaigns for Congress
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Jan 30, 2012, 01:16 AM
A new generation of the Kennedy family in Massachusetts has emerged and they're jumping into the campaign trail, since Bay State voters love to elect them. Joseph Kennedy III. will run for Congress in Massachusetts 2012. The 31-year-old is expected to win in a landslide, although his only accomplishment involves being born a Kennedy.

The Boston Herald reports that, "and while his Bay State constituents and the national media may have high expectations of him, his colleagues in Congress sure won't. He'll have to roll up his sleeves and prove himself, just like he would if his last name were Smith."

Harvard Kennedy School professor David D. King, who chairs Harvard's program for Newly-Elected Members of the U.S. Congress, said, "other members of Congress would have very low expectations of a new Kennedy. I’m not sure being a Kennedy helps anymore."

Certainly, Joe Jr. Jr. will be compared to his grandfather, Joe Sr., a bootlegger and Irish mobster, his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy, a sex addict, and his other uncle, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, who drove drunk into a lake where he abandoned his mistress where she drowned to death.

The Boston Herald quotes Laurence Learner, a Kennedy biographer, as saying that, "I don't think the nation cares that much. I think the Boston media will be on him, but I don't think it's that big of a deal for anyone elsewhere."

Of course, you can expect tabloid reporters to follow Joe Jr. Jr. on the campaign trail in efforts to expose his drunken and sexual escapades.

To read the entire article from the Boston Herald, link here:

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written by libertyfreedom , January 30, 2012

NO ONE in Masschusetts wants another Kennedy!

This is about keeping Joe Kennedy II keeping Chavez, Citgo, and all that oil money.

written by rosiegirl , January 31, 2012

Unless he is a womanizing drunkard, he is NO KENNEDY.

written by Ken Dickson , January 31, 2012

Please not another!!...enough is enough!!

written by Ken Whittaker , February 01, 2012

You're missing out on the local congressional story. Not as sexy as the Kennedy's but Taj Clayton just outraised EBJ and Caraway combined.

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