AP's First Lady Campaign Photos under Scrutiny
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Oct 2, 2011, 07:30 pm

The Associated Press is facing some scrutiny for taking pictures of First Lady Michelle Obama at a Target Store nearby the White House. Some critics are expressing concerns that AP is trying to deflect the public's attention away from Mrs. Obama's extravagant spending habits to help get Barack Obama re-elected to the White House.

The Houston Chronicle reports that, “photos taken by an Associated Press photographer of first lady Michelle Obama strolling away from the checkout counter at a Target store in Alexandria, Va., circled the globe Friday. The images were unusual and striking, depicting the elegant first lady, in an unglamorous disguise, shopping at a discount store familiar to millions of Americans.”

Some critics are also raising questions on the political connections between the White House and Target? Did Target receive Obama stimulus cash? Did Obama receive fundraising cash from Target executives? If a backroom deal wasn’t agreed upon, why is the First Lady shopping at Target and not at other discount stores, such as Wal-Mart? Is Wal-Mart too Republican for the Obama family?

According to the Houston Chronicle, “almost as soon as the pictures hit televisions, newspapers and Web sites, Obama’s critics were raising suspicions, suggesting the trip was a calculated attempt to deflect criticism of the first lady’s more expensive tastes in vacations and wardrobes.”

Kristina Schake, a spokeswoman for Michelle Obama, already issued an Obama re-election campaign public statement: “It is not uncommon for the First Lady to slip out to run an errand, eat at a local restaurant or otherwise enjoy the city outside the White House gates.”

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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written by Ira Goldman , October 02, 2011

We must elect Sarah Palin president in the most crushing tidal wave of enthusiastic good judgment ever seen in the history of this nation. With that one bold move we will accomplish the dual goals of seeing America led by the greatest natural born leader in our generation, even as we witness the final implosion and last agonized shrieks of our endlessly lying extreme left loonies. Their entire movement, from the fabricated attacks on Bush beginning with ‘Blood For Oil’ to the crammed-down-our-gullets lies of Obamacare and the Shovel Ready Stimulus, have been nothing but one vile deceit heaped upon another. Such an absolute inability to deal in the truth or to face the facts of our situation and its solutions only proves that there is simply no place at the grown-ups’ table for these diseased sputa. Good riddance to rubes and bad rubbish. Time to usher in the American Renaissance, carried in on the invigoratingly freshening breeze of President Sarah Palin.

written by bettyann , October 03, 2011

From your keyboard to God's ear, Ira.

written by Sgt_Andy , October 03, 2011

Today it was revealed that Michelle Obama's favorite fashion designer has struck a deal for a clothing line to be released through Target. Coincidence? I think not.

written by rosiegirl , October 07, 2011

the two word phrases, "Michell Obama" and "fashion taste" should never be combined in a positive comment.

written by SavageNation , October 11, 2011

Good move to save (taxpayer) money?
Now if we can get the White House and Congress to start using Priceline for airline tickets and hotel rooms we'll be set.

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