Romney Raised Taxes Big-Time in Massachusetts
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Oct 2, 2011, 05:45 am

Even before Mitt Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts, the state was often referred to as Taxachusetts. So it came as a shock that a Republican governor raised taxes even more, increased state regulations on businesses and forced a health insurance mandate on all Massachusetts residents.

The Worcester Telegraph reports that, “much of the business community in Massachusetts was puzzled. Mitt Romney, a Republican with impressive corporate credentials, had run for governor pledging to sweep aside barriers to business and act as the state’s ‘top salesman.’”

Yet a few months after assuming office in 2003, he delivered an unfriendly package to the CEO crowd that was composed of a bill to dozens of financial firms for $110 million in new corporate taxes – and pledge of more to come.

According to the Worcester Telegraph, “for the next three years, the Romney administration scoured the tax code for more such tax loopholes, extracting hundreds of millions of corporate dollars to help close budget gaps in a state with a struggling economy. It was only after Romney was gearing up in 2005 for a possible White House bid that he backed away from some of his most aggressive tax enforcement proposals and intensifying complaints from local companies and conservative anti-tax groups in Washington.”

The Council on State Taxation, which represents businesses, issued a scathing public statement of Romney in 2005, saying, “’the allegedly pro-business Romney’ for attempting to ‘firmly reclaim the dubious title of Taxachusetts.’”

To read the entire article the Worcester Telegraph, link here:

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written by Austin , October 02, 2011

So instead of raising taxes on business Perry just raised them on homeowners (property taxes) and consumers (toll roads, license fee hikes, tuition hikes, vehicle registration hikes, sales tax hikes). And still the budget shortfall is at historic levels.

Is that some sort of victory?

written by Scott R. , October 02, 2011

Romney never raised taxes, ever. The taxes that he collected were already on the books but some companys were taking advantage of loop holes to avoid paying their fair share. Romney closed those loop holes. I'm a tea party member who supports Romney and i'd close the loop holes to.

written by rosiegirl , October 07, 2011

First Guy to REDUCE government spending instead of MESSING WITH TAX CHANGES, gets MY VOTE.

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