Obama Threatens War against Syria
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Apr 24, 2011, 01:18 am

Ashar Obama.jpgPresident Barack Obama is threatening another war against a Middle East country. He is demanding Syria allow for so-called democratic protests, or face the consequences. Nevertheless, the Syrian government does not wholeheartedly agree with the Obama Doctrine, otherwise known as George Soros’s foreign policy concept of Right to Protect, and is rebuking Obama for interfering in its own internal affairs.

According to Fox News, “a Syrian official fired back at President Barack Obama’s condemnation of the latest use of force by the government against demonstrators as two parliamentarians resigned in protest over the violent crackdown.”

A government official from Syria expressed regret over Obama’s criticism, arguing that it was not “based on an objective and comprehensive view of what is truly happening.”

As reported by Fox News, “Obama on Friday said the regime’s ‘outrageous’ use of violence against the protestors must ‘end now.’ Syrian security forces killed at least nine people when they opened fire on thousands at funeral processions Saturday.”

Rights campaigners told Reuters on Sunday that secret police raided homes nearby Damascus overnight in an effort to suppress opposition against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

To read the entire article from Fox News, link here:

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written by Soen , April 24, 2011

what would president obama do if millions of duped voters would begin to ferociously protest against his outrageous lies and illegal wars all over the planet?

written by Toddy , April 24, 2011

You go, girl.

written by RufusLevin , April 24, 2011

If Obama will draft ALL unemployed black males over 18 and under 30 to go fight any more wars in the Middle East, and send them over without body armor...I would say....take em all on, Chief...show us your stuff (lol).

written by Ken Dickson , April 25, 2011

where is our national interests here? This nut is destroying this country with no knowledge of foreign policy, internat security, much less military skill. Ww will not be standing in 2012~

written by ElHombre , April 25, 2011

Time for a fact check of conservative claims!

1) Nowhere in the linked article (from Fox News, no less!) does Obama threaten war on Syria. So the title of the post is an outright lie and needs to be changed.

2) It must relly gall Rufus to not be able to call Obama an upity n*****. 'Draft all unemplyed black males', Rufus? Talk about living in the past. You're pathetic.

3) The Syrian people are trying to free their country from ACTUAL oppression (like being killed) and American conservatives are taking the side of the Syrian gov't. How low are you guys planning to sink? On second thought, never mind. I'm afraid I already know the answer.

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