African Union Opposes Obama's War on Libya
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Mar 22, 2011, 05:42 pm

African Qaddafi.bmpThe leaders of numerous African nations, which include South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe, are condemning President Barack Obama’s war on Libya.

According to the BBC News, “Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has written a lengthy newspaper article accusing the West of double standards. He was one of five African leaders tasked with finding a solution to the crisis, whose mission to Tripoli was called off when the air strikes began.”

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa also was on the African Union (AU) Panel.

Even though, South Africa voted in support of UN Resolution 1973 that authorized military action to protect civilians, President Zuma also castigated the air strikes, hinting they wee part of a “regime-change doctrine.”

As reported by the BBC, “Western leaders have said the strikes will not target Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi but they do think he should step down. Mr. Zuma called for an immediate ceasefire and ‘rejected any foreign intervention, whatever its form.”

He warned the nations against taking action in Libya “they should not harm or endanger the civilians that Resolution 1973 sought to protect.”

To read the entire article from the BBC News, link here:

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written by RufusLevin , March 23, 2011 there IS such an oxymoron as an "AFRICAN UNION" there is such a thing as a peaceful New Black Panther organization...or an intelligent Rev. Al Sharpton,or an ethical Congressional Black Caucus Member in Congress.

Merely pushes the rationality of RACISM of ANTI BLACK CAUSALITY....reflection upon what is REALITY and what is WISHFUL THINKING on the part of African-hyphenated-Americans that want somehow to pretend that Native Africa is somehow a HERITAGE better than that of being an AMERICAN in full committment.

Everywhere in Africa that Blacks have taken over national leadership, the end results have ALWAYS been genocide, war, attrocities, despotism, corruption, rape and maimings....

And somehow the Southern Plantation slave owners were all EVIL??? and living in Africa was BETTER???

THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS OUT. America has always treated blacks better than they have been treated in the continent of their ancestoral beginnings.

It just gets you more STUFF and sympathy to whine and moan and play the victim card.

You want about a plane ticket home to Africa...anywhere you choose...and revocation of your American citizenship for life...That work for anyone???

Stay in school, marry the girl before you father a child, get a job, contribute more to society than you take. Grow up.

written by Selma Droid , March 23, 2011

Is Obama going to play the "race card" now? Will he say he and his policies are being rejected by Africans because he is "white" ? [well, after all, he is known to be absolutely 1/2 white on his mother's side; and he is less than 1/2 black, because on his father's side it is known that his father was of partly Arab descent].

Obviously Obama cannot admit that "he" is wrong ........ and if he were roundly rejected in America he might [as he and his surrogates have sometimes done] play the "race card".....

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