China Will not Deploy Troops to N Korea
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Jan 17, 2011, 12:26 am

Beijing Deployment.jpgBEIJING:  On Monday, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman rejected a report that China intends to dispatch troops to the North Korea as “sheer fabrication.”

According to China Radio International (CRI), “spokesman Hong Lei denied the claims in the report published by Chosun Ilbo, a newspaper in the Republic of Korea (ROK).”

The South Korean newspaper quoted an ROK official as saying that Pyongyang and Beijing had discussed recently stationing Chinese soldiers in the northeastern North Korean city of Rason with the intention of protecting Chinese-invested port facilities and Chinese nationals there.

To read the entire article from China Radio International, link here:

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written by Spelunker , January 17, 2011

You buy that? I've got a bridge in Dandong for sale if you believe China's Foreign Ministry press briefings.
Oh, I'm sorry, I see by your e-mail address that you are already on a steady diet of Communist Party chop suey. Carry on, then...

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