Caron: 'I Wanna Win A (Ring) In Dallas!' Welcome To Mavs Twitterverse
by Mike Fisher    Sun, Jun 20, 2010, 09:18 AM
    Twitter can give us an unfiltered look into the thoughts of a player. This is no longer a new phenomenon, but it can remain an interesting one. And today, it’s an interesting one regarding the Mavs’ Caron Butler, who in a series of tweets is discussing his fitness, his willingness to play anywhere but most of all, his desire to “win a chip in Dallas.’’

    Athletes are not new to the world of Twitter. We’ve seen their tweets quoted on sports shows. We’ve read about them in articles. And, we’ve heard them on the radio. In his show that aired before each game of the Finals, Jimmy Kimmel had a bit where they read entertaining tweets by Ron Artest.

   This might be a good time for the “soft roll-out’’ of’s Mavs Twitterverse, a collection of media members, athletes and whomever who we think contribute greatly to the flow of Mavericks information. Make it a favorite … and in an act of one-stop-shopping you can keep up with Fish, Followill, David Lord, Mark Cuban and more … (Check it out and tell us what you think!)





     Including, of course, the several Mavs players who have Twitter accounts. (Jason Terry is “jasonterry31” and Shawn Marion is “matrix31,” for example). Among those is now Caron Butler (realtuffjuice). Here are a few of Caron’s more recent tweets that could be interesting to Mavs fans:


   “Thanks for the love for my new one. I rode a bike for 28miles today I weigh 231 trying to get to 217 by the season.”


   “I wanna win in dallas let's get it(chip)”


   “I wanna win a chip in dallas and that a realistic goal luv holla in the am”


   “Wherever I'm at next year I'm going to be a problem. (I love dallas)”


   For me, for now, one of those stands out above the rest. Caron plans on getting down to 217 pounds by the start of the season. I hope he can do this, and would love to see it happen with the Mavs.

  One final note – and as part of a series of tweets from Caron earlier this week -- congratulations to Tuff Juice on his daughter born a couple of days ago. Happy Father’s Day to Caron, and to all fathers.


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